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Do you want to get more out of your packaging? With the Seal&Read packaging concept, you only need one labeler to provide your products with a 360° self-adhesive label or shrink sleeve, including all the required information in a multilayer or booklet and to secure everything perfectly. Ready to save a lot of money?

Reduced production costs
Simplified packaging process
Less packaging = less waste

Economical packaging concept

What makes the Seal&Read packaging concept so beneficial? Check out these assets:

  • Fast & simple: fewer operations are required during the packaging process and no additional checks are needed to verify that label, box and leaflet are correctly assembled. All packaging elements are already present on the delivered product.
  • Tamper evident: the sleeve element at the top shrinks around the cap. The packaging can only be opened through 2 vertical perforations and 1 perforation all around, so the customer notices when it has been tampered with.

Discover more benefits

Additional security features.

Seal&Read labels and shrink sleeves can be provided with additional (printed) elements to enhance the safety of your packaging or to connect with the customer. Everything is negotiable.

  • Braille
  • Tactile Warning Signs
  • Serialization with unique ID codes
  • Track&Trace barcodes
  • Quazar® designs
  • RFID & NFC
  • ...

When to use Seal&Read?

Seal&Read is an economical, safe and ecological when you need or want to give your customers extensive information. Examples are personal care products, medicines, cleaning products, foodstuffs and agrochemical or petrochemical products.

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